When and what to post on LinkedIn

Welcome back! I’m hoping by now you have taken some time to optimise your LinkedIn profile after the wonderful tips I gave you last week.
Now your profile is spick and span it’s time to create amazing, engaging content to make you stand out from the crowd even more!

Let’s get to it!

For LinkedIn there is a general rule of thumb… do not sell your product or service! Let your connections and followers know that you’re there without being too pushy. This will build their trust in you and your company and ultimately get them to engage with your posts.

I know what you’re thinking…what am I meant to be posting if I can’t directly sell my product or service?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

1. Customer testimonials – let people see what your customers think. Showcase your Trustpilot reviews (or whatever review platform you use) on LinkedIn and maybe even a customer case study
2. Provide value to your customers giving hints and tips (a little like what I’m doing now in this blog post). Another example of tips we have shared with our customers is ‘Tony’s top tips for a speedy loan process’
3. Direct questions to your customers which will prompt a comment trail which will then ultimately increase your engagement
4. Most importantly, post pictures to demonstrate the ‘human’ element to your business – team photos and videos go down well!

Increase company exposure

Now you know what type of content to post it would be ideal for me to tell you when is best to post this fabulous content to increase your company exposure*.

The recommended post frequency for LinkedIn is once a day

• The best days to post are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

• The best times to post are during commuting hours (before and after work) and also lunch times, however there is a sweet spot on a Tuesday 10-11am so keep note of that.

• When posting always use hashtags to increase your reach. Choose three relevant hashtags relation to the text you are posting (make them different to the ones you set when optimising your profile)

*By all means take this information on board but PLEASE analyse your own content and post at times that suit you and your sector, it takes trial and error, but it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t give up!

Now you have content and times set in your calendar it’s time to grow your profile. This is where your networking skills come into play. It’s all well and good making a digital connection with your consumer base but it is also important to utilise your external connections too!

Connect with people on your personal LinkedIn account who will subsequently ‘follow’ your business page. I’m assuming you have where you work on your personal LinkedIn profile? If not, do it now!

That’s it. Now you have a fantastically optimised LinkedIn profile with fabulous content posted at the right time of day to increase engagements as well as an increase in followers and personal connections. It’s a win win!

Missed the last blog? Find the link below to get up to speed!

Don’t forget to head back to the BCRS blog next week!


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