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The success of the BCRS strategy is founded on our ability to combine private sector sourced funding, including that from commercial banks, co-operative funds, corporates and individuals with that drawn from the public sector. Through leveraging of these funds BCRS is able to increase the economic impact of that funding.

Lending alone however is not a sufficient benchmark of success. BCRS prefers to evaluate success in terms of our impact on value – added growth for local businesses, the number of jobs safeguarded, new jobs created, and new products and services offered to the wider community.



What your investment can do?

Your investment will be directly on-lent, and as BCRS is operationally sustainable (fees and interest cover our operating costs) you can be assured that not only will your investment be re-issued as a loan, but that it will attract further funding, which itself will be wholly lent. As issued loans are redeemed, these funds are recycled as further lending.

What are the benefits of becoming a member investor?

Investments in BCRS Business Loans may be eligible for Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR). CITR is a tax relief available to qualifying private individuals and corporate organisations that invest in BCRS – an accredited Responsible Finance Provider.

CITR can help investors reduce their income tax or corporation tax liability (as applicable) by up to 25% of their investment over a five-year period, equating to 5% per annum. As a result, a CITR eligible share investments cannot be withdrawn for a period of five years from the date of the investment. At the end of the five-year period, shares are withdrawable at the request of the investor, subject to the rules of BCRS Business Loans.

For example, if an individual invests £10,000 they should receive a £500 per annum reduction against their income/corporation tax liability (a total of £2,500 over the five year period of the investment). This equates to 5% per annum net of taxation.

Further information on CITR and how it can be claimed by investors is available here:


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To find out more information or to request a member investor application form please contact:

T: 0345 313 8410


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