Our Customers

What attracts them to BCRS?

• We lend to those overlooked by mainstream lenders*

• Our approach is adapted to our customers’ needs

• We nurture face to face relationships

• There are no early repayment fees on any of our loans

• Long, accomplished history

• Our reputation precedes us

What are they looking for?

• Responsible lending

At BCRS we are committed to lending in a responsible way, because quite simply, we feel this is the only fair way to lend. Treating customers fairly is at the heart of our organisation and this means delivering when we say we will, understanding our customer’s needs, ensuring the way we do business with our customers is transparent and generally helping them to make informed choices.

• Flexibility in our approach – it’s never one size fits all

We won’t tell our customers what they should or shouldn’t do when it comes to how they want to finance their business. BCRS are here to just give our customers a different option to consider. Our approach is to ensure that they understand their options, what the next steps are and the benefits they involve.

• Have regular contact and provide the service that they want

We have established a set of principles which we apply to all of our contact with customers:
– Be consistent
– Keep an open, regular and clear communication path between the customer and BCRS
– Give customers a choice in how they want to contact us and us to contact them

• Belief

They want us to believe in what they do. For us, no viable business should go unsupported.

*Credit is subject to status. Credit checks, affordability assessments, terms and conditions apply.


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