Our Vision, Mission & Values


No viable business left unsupported.


Providing affordable finance.

Realising the dreams and aspirations of businesses.

Increasing our socio-economic impact.

Future proofing your business and ours.

Our Values

Our commitment to our values starts with putting the particular needs of our customers at the centre of what we do: belief, access to the right amount of money, contact with the BCRS team as and when you want it and last but not least, flexibility.

To assist in the delivery of our mission, BCRS subscribes to several core values which guide everything we do:



As an organisation that is committed to continuous improvement, our professional and innovative team use the most appropriate skills to adapt to market changes at any given moment.


We are proud of our cooperative roots, which we live and breathe in our supportive, relationship-based lending model and our commitment to working cohesively and productively with our partners.

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We aim to create an empowering environment that allows team members to take ownership of their roles and projects, resulting in a rewarding, trustworthy and dynamic culture.


We are entrepreneurial as a team and in our approach to work. For us, being entrepreneurial encompasses a willingness to learn and develop, which is something we have in common with the SMEs we work with.

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Social and economic impact is at the heart of everything we do; right from having a positive impression on local SMEs externally to encouraging the professional development of our team members internally. Our impact is far-reaching.


With extensive experience, we have a great understanding of business and always strive to see the bigger picture. We realise how important SMEs are in promoting growth in the communities we serve.

*Credit is subject to status. Credit checks, affordability assessments, terms and conditions apply.