Q&A Session with our New Team Members – Part 1


Reflecting the success of BCRS Business Loans, which has been able to increase its lending by over 33% this year, the not-for-profit lender has expanded the size of its team to accommodate further growth.

As one of the leading non-bank lenders in the West Midlands, BCRS Business Loans has ambitious plans to increase its lending to businesses that are unable to secure finance from mainstream lenders.

In the past year the organisation has employed an extra five team members, to fill new roles such as Marketing Assistant, Management Accountant and three Finance Internship opportunities.

We took the time to catch up with one of our most recent team members to ask a few questions about their experience with BCRS Business Loans and how they have settled into the team.


Q&A with Emma Stanley – Management Accountant:

Q: Firstly Emma, a very warm welcome to BCRS Business Loans. Do you feel that you have settled well into the organisation?

A: “Yes, I feel that I have settled in very well. By coming into the organisation to fill a newly formed role in the finance team, I have been fortunate enough to learn the key elements of everyone’s jobs. Now that I am taking on roles that other team members have previously been responsible for, I am able to benefit from their experience but also add my own knowledge to each process to make improvements for the future.

I was very impressed with the induction process at BCRS – it was very in depth and has provided me with an understanding of what each and every person contribute to the team and the collective goals that everyone here work towards.

From the very beginning the whole team made me feel incredibly welcome, and I knew that if I ever needed help in any way that someone would be there to support me, making me feel comfortable and at ease.”


Q: We have seen how well you have progressed in your career as an accountant, but could you please provide our readers with a brief background as to where your career started?

A: “After leaving Sixth Form I decided that I wanted to complete an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification. As I didn’t want to attend University I enrolled onto an apprenticeship programme that provided me with both the education and work experience I needed to achieve this qualification. During this time I worked as a Purchase Ledger Clerk for a national overnight freight company.

“Within 18 months I was promoted to the position of Cashier, where I remained for a further 3 years before progressing to fill the role of Management Accountant. I have been able to gain knowledge and experience in this position for the past 8 years before taking the opportunity to broaden by horizons by accepting the role as Management Accountant at BCRS.”


Q: Since you’ve started at BCRS we’ve all noticed how much of a bright, positive and bubbly person you are. What interests do you have outside of work?

A: “I am a very social person so try to meet with friends and family as often as possible.

“I am also a big film and TV buff and, as many people will know, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series – although I do prefer the books over the films.

“I have recently joined the gym so my current aim is to attend at least twice a week!”


Q: As you have experienced in your short time here BCRS Business Loans is a rapidly growing provider of business loans. What do you think their key to success is?

A: “I think it is the supporting nature and passion of the team that really makes BCRS such a success, along with a quality set of corporate values that means everything is completed professionally.

“BCRS really wants to help businesses grow and they understand how difficult it is for SMEs to access finance.

“Another important factor in the success of BCRS is its strong ethical stance towards business and work to improve the social and economic well-being of local communities, which I think is very important – safeguarding and creating jobs is essential.

“I feel privileged to be part of something so special. Thank you BCRS for welcoming me with open arms.”


Stay tuned for next month’s Q&A with our Finance Intern, Paola Confuorto.

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