Paola’s Review: Finance Internship at BCRS Business Loans


Here at BCRS Business Loans, we are committed to supporting the career progression of students with promising prospects as finance professionals.

Since we initiated our internship programme in 2014, we have been lucky enough to attract students with real talent, and impressive experience and qualifications, from the likes of the London School of Economics, Coventry University, the University of West of England and the University of Wolverhampton.

We realise that it is incredibly difficult for students to get their career break in the finance sector and, importantly for us, we disagree with the unreasonably low salaries that many graduate interns are subject to. As a not-for-profit co-operative organisation, we ensure that all of our interns receive the living wage and fair holiday entitlement.

Paola Confuorto, our most recent intern, graduated from London School of Economics with a Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance before joining BCRS Business Loans as a Finance Intern in September 2015. During her time at BCRS, Paola got involved in a number of projects relating to finance provisions, default rates, due diligence and investigating and sourcing new software for the undertaking of credit checks.

Speaking of her experience with BCRS Business Loans, Paola said:

“Six months of work experience at BCRS Business Loans has taught me a lot. Inside and outside of the office, everyone has his/her roles and responsibilities. As an intern I had the possibility to have an insight into everyone’s work, learning something new every day.

“A distinctive characteristic of people at BCRS is indeed co-operation and knowledge sharing. Everyone is dynamic and organisation driven, continuously working to make BCRS a better organisation. Even if the environment is highly goal-oriented, people at BCRS don’t miss the chance to organise group social events to get the team together.

“In only six months I have been to a quiz, networking events, hiking, been a member of the bi-weekly running group, and I took part in team building exercises. I am extremely thankful to everyone for the time they dedicated to me and for having given voice to my opinion and ideas.

“I can definitely state that BCRS Business Loans has helped me take a big step in my career. I am indeed leaving BCRS to start a graduate program at Unicredit banking group in Milan.

“The best of luck for the success of the organisation,” concluded Paola.

Our commitment to improving the employability of students continues, as we hope to have two new Finance Interns join us in the very near future.



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