Benefits of Buying Direct from an SME Business

Welcome to this week’s blog post. This week marks the final week of our #BCRSSMEChallenge and the focus is ‘Go Direct to Small Businesses’. We’re all guilty of choosing the easy route when shopping online, whether that be choosing which takeaway to order from on Just Eat or looking for a vast range of products on amazon or eBay. Today I will be discussing the benefits of buying direct from an SME business rather than through intermediaries such as those mentioned above and many more.


First things first, SME owners are experts in their own products or services. They understand every detail and feature because they ultimately designed the product or service from scratch, so they are in the best position to give great advice to a customer wanting to make a purchase. They also often stock a larger range of products than the intermediaries who sell on their behalf, these intermediaries tend to pick just a few to display in the first instance. This gives consumers who go directly to the business more options to choose from, as well as more specialised advice.

Tailored products

If it’s bespoke, custom products or unique services you are looking for these are also far better served by going direct to the SME than they are by intermediaries. Purchasing directly from a business means that the products you buy can be customised and, in some cases, they may even be able to tailor the product to your precise specifications.

Lower prices

Another significant benefit to buying direct from a business is that there will almost always be a better price available. Cutting out the “middleman” like intermediaries who often charge the SME business a fee for displaying their products and services, is a good way to avoid those extra expenses and it also means that the business and local economy is getting 100% of your money too. For example: I recently purchased a face covering which would cost approximately £6 to buy from eBay but only £3 to buy directly from the business themselves. As you can see there is a huge difference in price there just from ordering from a different webpage.

There you go, just a few benefits of buying directly from SME businesses. Head over to our social media channels below to get involved in our last challenge.

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