Be more mindful at work

Happy new year and welcome back to the BCRS blog!

I hope you all had a well-deserved Christmas break and are back to work ready and rearing to go for another year of great business.
My guess is you have come back to an inbox full of emails and a nice long list of contacts you need to reply to ASAP let alone getting to your own work that makes your business run like clockwork.

Here are my top three tips of how to be more mindful at work to allow you manage your time and tasks effectively.

Single-task not multi-task

We are all guilty of trying to multitask when in fact it’s near impossible to do a task properly whilst trying to do something else. Your brain is frantically switching from one task to another and likely losing data in the process.

For example: if I was writing a social media post at the same time as writing this blog post it would take 10 times longer to do each task and neither would be of high quality.

The message here is to complete one task before moving onto the next. You will find a less amount of stress and more productivity and quality in the work that you do.

Use reminders

Activities at work and home can become repetitive and you can end up in ‘default mode’ which leads to being not fully present in the task you are performing. It is said that 47% of a person’s day can be taken up by thoughts/ daydreaming and this can have a negative impact on well-being. Not being fully present means you are not awake enough to acknowledge the opportunities and choices around you or perform your tasks to the best of your ability.

Set a reminder on your phone or computer to spread out your tasks and stay mindful of your surroundings. This will tune you back into the present moment and prompt you to schedule your tasks accordingly.

Slow down

You may think getting things done quickly is good thing. If they are of good quality, then great carry on!

However, cast your mind back to when you were a student doing your exams. Were you up all night trying to finish the assignment in time or even up late to get some last-minute studying in before the exam the next day? At this point your body was telling you to sleep but you were drinking energy drinks and coffee just to stay awake. As a matter of fact, you were working at low efficiency and all the information you were taking in or writing down was no longer making sense.

Take those extra minutes to ‘rest’ your brain. Stop and think about the tasks at hand and how you want to perform them. This will make you more focused and alert during the working day as well as in everyday life.

That’s it from me for now. I hope you enjoyed reading and head back next week for another exciting topic.

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