A new publication from the think tank ResPublica urges that a radical structural shift is needed in order to address the deep-seated deficit and underlying problems of British competitiveness.

The publication – ‘Making it Mutual: The revolution that Britain needs’ calls for a new mutual business model that will deliver growth that benefits everyone.

When markets fail, which has happened within the banking system, co-operative models are often seen as alternative providers. Their values and focus on serving the customer can provide alternative models to meet market needs and serve as an exemplar for the wider financial services sector on ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Launching today in Parliament, with keynote remarks from Cabinet Minister, Francis Maude MP, the ‘Making it Mutual’ publication warns that without proper recognition of new business and economic models, Britain will continue to suffer.   In recognition of the topic, BCRS Business Loans, based in the Midlands, will be in attendance at the launch after contributing to the Financial Services section in the publication called ‘A Co-operative Approach to Small Business Lending ’.


BCRS offers an alternative and wholly co-operative approach to small business lending based on mutual principles and demonstrates that there is another way to offer a financial model to small businesses where lending is adapted to meet their needs when they have scant opportunity to meet bank credit criteria.


Paul Kalinauckas, founder Chief Executive of BCRS Business Loans said, “The demand for loan finance from small businesses exists but action needs to be taken to increase the supply side of capital for on-lending. If the banks have withdrawn from lending directly to small businesses, a co-operative model provides an ideal model for them to provide capital with the risks covered by public sector capital grants.”


BCRS is a leading light when it comes to a co-operative approach to small business lending and has set out a flexible model of ten years standing, which could be scaled up to meet the demand for access to finance.


“The challenge exists to significantly scale up the model to achieve national coverage so that all small businesses have the opportunity to access the finance they require to grow and prosper. The boost that this will give to the economy by encouraging and resourcing enterprise could be the answer to the Government’s pursuit of an economic recovery,” concludes Paul.


Please click on the link to read the full report http://www.respublica.org.uk/item/Making-it-Mutual

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