BCRS Funding Supports Acquisition of National Business Register

The future of Birmingham-based National Business Register Group is bright after being acquired by West Midlands based entrepreneur.

Tenn Holdings has acquired a 100 per cent shareholding in National Business Register Group (NBR), which was made possible after securing a £50,000 funding boost from regional business lender, BCRS Business Loans.

The deal will safeguard four jobs and will see the group adopt the new name of Start Biz, which is currently its website domain name.

NBR has over 36 years’ experience in helping new businesses hit the ground running. Providing support to limited companies, LLPs and sole traders, the company specialise in business name and entity registration, trademark registration and website development.

The new owners, led by Bevan Edwards, have a successful track record of overseeing the growth of small businesses, with one, an engineering firm in the north of England, trebling its turnover in the past three years.

Bevan Edwards, Director at NBR, said:

“I am thrilled to announce that we have purchased National Business Register Group, which has a long and successful history of supporting the registration of new businesses across the UK.

“Ensuring that your business has a unique and copyrighted name is more important now than ever before, especially as it is a business’ most vital asset. NBR not only help you choose a unique business name, but also check the business register regularly to protect your business against copyright breaches and legal advice is included as standard.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I instantly saw the value that NBR could offer start-up businesses and how it can take the headache out of day-to-day chores so SMEs can focus on what they do best.

“NBR has exciting growth plans in place, which includes extending the services we offer and introducing new streamlined packages that suit the needs of SMEs.”

Tenn Holdings secured a funding boost from BCRS Business Loans to make the acquisition possible.

Lynn Wyke, Senior Business Development Manager at BCRS Business Loans, said:

“BCRS Business Loans is delighted to have supported Tenn Holdings with their acquisition of the National Business Register Group (NBR).

“Not only is NBR a well-established business that provides a valuable service to SMEs as they start up and grow, but the new owners have a brilliant track record of using their experience to help small businesses prosper.

“As a lender of social and economic impact, we are delighted to see that four jobs are being safeguarded as a result of this deal.

“We believe that no viable business should go unsupported. BCRS Business Loans is committed to supporting businesses that are unable to access finance from traditional lenders, such as banks. We offer loans from £10,000 to £150,000, so if your business has been affected by coronavirus or you are looking grow, please do get in touch.”

To discover more about the National Business Register, please visit www.start.biz/ or to learn more about BCRS Business Loans, please visit www.bcrs.org.uk.

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