BCRS Committed to Staff Development

BCRS Business Loans is committed to continuously improving practices within its organisation, and encouraging the development of team members plays an integral part of achieving this objective.

Earlier this year Sarah Moorhouse, Operations and Marketing Manager, and Stephen Deakin, Financial Controller and Company Secretary, enrolled on a three-day Leading Lenders course in Yorkshire. The aim of this course was to develop leadership skills with a programme specifically tailored to those who work within a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), such as BCRS.

The Leading Lenders Course has been designed and developed by the Community Development Finance Association (CDFA) and is delivered by a number of key people within the association who are well known by its members across the industry.

The pace of change is something that all businesses and managers have to be prepared for, particularly concerning changes to scale, ever-changing competition, constant evaluation of legal policies and constraints, as well as funding considerations. In order to handle change, managers must have effective leadership skills in order to overcome these obstacles and ensure the their organisation is always breaking the mould and constantly taking a fresh approach to all aspects of business, in order to remain appealing to customers and ahead of competition.

Sarah and Stephen found the Leading Lenders course to be incredibly useful and now, as a result of that, a further three team members are taking the course on 15th July. Christine Sims and Lakhbir Singh, both Regional Managers at BCRS, along with Neil Johnston, Portfolio and Compliance Manager, are hoping to reap the benefits that this course offers and improve their leadership skills – which will ultimately be of benefit to both individual career development and the collective running of BCRS.

Last month, in line with BCRS’ ambition to become regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority the team at BCRS took part in a training session entitled ‘Fighting Financial Crime’, with the aim of making the whole team aware of financial crime, how it can be spotted, and what course of action should be taken if it is noticed.

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