BCRS celebrates another year of growth

BCRS Business Loans, one of the leading non-bank lenders in the West Midlands, saw an increase in business lending of over 40% in 2013.

Since being established 12 years ago, BCRS has lent over £16.7 million to local businesses and created or secured over 2,400 jobs across the West Midlands.

The BCRS loan fund was designed to meet the needs of local businesses that are unable to get loans from traditional sources such as the banks. Its sole purpose is to provide access to finance to enable businesses to grow and prosper by providing loans ranging from £10,000 to £100,000.

Paul Kalinauckas, BCRS Chief Executive said; “According to the Bank of England, 75% of commercial business finance in the USA is provided through non-bank lending. This is now a growing market in the UK as businesses can gain access to finance from a wide variety of sources and this includes BCRS Business Loans.

“2013 was a fantastic year for BCRS and no doubt for the SME’s that we were able to help. We have now expanded to cover the whole of the West Midlands and plan to lend over £5 million in 2014. Comingout of the recession, there will be a growing demand for more working capital to service more orders. Some of the smaller businesses have used up all their reserves but with our help can grow and prosper.

The BCRS model is of an approachable lender that assesses each individual case on its own merits. We operate very much with a traditional lending ethos rather than impersonal computerised credit scoring and our Business Development Managers will go out and visit local businesses to learn more about them and how we can help.

We understand that getting business finance can sometimes be a problem and we want to do everything we can to meet that demand for loans. Not only does it mean that a business can flourish with our help but also create jobs and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the area”.

A BCRS loan can be used for a wide range of projects including expansion, purchasing equipment, recruitment and marketing. BCRS lend to most market sectors including construction, engineering, IT services, manufacturing, service providers and wholesalers.

Any West Midlands based business can expect a fast response when they apply for a loan either by contacting 0845 313 8410 or clicking on the enquiry form button.

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