We Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

This month, BCRS has been aiming to answer a number of questions that customers and introducers ask on a regular basis. We decided to do this by creating a stream of posts on Twitter that saw different FAQs answered on each day of the week, which were then re-posted throughout August.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter – never fear – we have compiled our FAQs and listed them below for your perusal.

Frequently Asked Question #1:
What is the largest loan available to businesses? Click image below to reveal answer.

loan size

Frequently Asked Question #2:
What levels of interest rate do you charge? Click image below to reveal answer.


Frequently Asked Questions #3:
What is your criteria for approving loans? Click image below to reveal answer.


Frequently Asked Question #4:
If I applied for a loan, would I need to provide some form of security? Click image below to reveal answer.


Frequently Asked Question #5:
What loan terms do BCRS offer? Click image below to reveal answer.



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