Recommend A Friend Terms & Conditions

Recommend a Friend – Terms and Conditions


BCRS Business Loans Limited may sometimes be shortened to ‘BCRS’

The Recommend a Friend Scheme may sometimes be referred to as the ‘Scheme’

The term ‘Recommender’ refers to a business that currently has a loan account with BCRS and is recommending BCRS to another business they know

The term ‘Friend’ refers to the business that has been recommended to learn more about BCRS

The term ‘Payment’ refers to the action of processing the £100.00 voucher, which will reward the ‘Recommender’ when their ‘Friend’ draws down a loan.

The 4 Step Recommend a Friend Process:

STEP 1 – The ‘Recommender’ should follow the steps below:

  • Visit and follow instructions on the webpage
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of this scheme in full
  • Complete and submit the Recommend a Friend form at the bottom of the webpage including the Recommender’s loan reference number and details, plus their Friend’s name and email address

STEP 2 – What BCRS Business Loans will do:

  • An email will be sent to the Recommender to inform them that their recommendation has been submitted
  • An email will also be sent to the Recommender’s ‘Friend’ with an introduction to BCRS, a link to learn more about the Recommend a Friend scheme and a link to submit an application form.

STEP 3 – The ‘Friend’ then needs to follow the steps below:

  • Review the introductory email to BCRS Business Loans
  • The Friend will need to complete the initial application form accessed via the link in the introductory email within 90 days. In the application form the Friend must state that they were ‘Recommended by a Friend’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ drop down menu and add their Friend’s name and email address.

STEP 4 – Payment:

  • If the ‘Friend’ goes on to successfully draw down a loan and all Terms and Conditions have been met the ‘Recommender’ will be entitled to a £100.00 voucher
  • The voucher will be sent via post within 30 days of the Friend’s loan being drawn down.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is only available to existing BCRS customers who recommend a Friend.
  2. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is only available to Limited Companies
  3. The Payment will not be made to individuals and are not permitted to be paid to third parties
  4. The Friend is not eligible if they are directly connected to the Recommender via grouped or common ownership companies
  5. The Payment to the Recommender is only eligible if BCRS independently agrees to enter into a Loan Agreement with the Friend
  6. The Payment will be made within 30 days of the Friend’s loan being drawn down
  7. The Friend must submit their application form within 90 days of the Recommender submitting their recommendation form
  8. We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know
  9. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is not available in conjunction with any other scheme operated by BCRS
  10. This offer is not available to BCRS employees and any person connected or related to such an employee
  11. The Recommender cannot recommend themselves
  12. Only one payment will be processed per Friend. If a Friend is recommended more than once, the Recommender that submitted their form first will receive the reward
  13. The Recommender will only receive one Payment per unique recommendation
  14. A Recommender is entitled to recommend more than one Friend
  15. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is not open to third parties introducing Friends to BCRS
  16. The Payment cannot be taken off or made directly to the Recommender’s BCRS Loan Agreement
  17. The Payment is not exempt from income tax or any other tax. The Recommender is responsible for the declaring and paying of any tax that may be due
  18. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is not available to BCRS customer’s where legal action is or has been engaged
  19. All existing or new BCRS customers covered under this Scheme are covered by our Data Protection Policy, which means no personal data will be shared between the Recommender and the Friend
  20. The Recommend a Friend Scheme may be amended or withdrawn by BCRS at any time without notice
  21. BCRS reserves the right to reject recommendations it feels do not meet the terms and, in such matters, BCRS decision is final
  22. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is not available to any party deemed to be a consumer, and is solely available to business applicants
  23. BCRS does not guarantee that a Friend will successfully qualify for a business loan and usual loan application Terms and Conditions will apply
  24. Friends recommended may accept or decline business loan offers at their discretion, however the Recommender of unsuccessful applicants and applicants who decline a loan offer will not qualify for Payment