Friday Beer Company

Friday Beer Company

A brewery based in the heart of Malvern won contracts to stock its real ales and lagers on supermarket shelves after securing funding to scale up its business.

The Friday Beer Company has been a favourite with real ale enthusiasts across the country since its launch in 2011, but now, after securing funding from the Worcestershire Business Loan Fund, they have been able to tap into a totally new market for the business.

Local supermarket chains Co-op, Morrisons and Waitrose have been won over by The Friday Beer Company’s bottled range, which you will now be able find on their shelves in and around Malvern.

Gerald Williams, one of three Directors at The Friday Beer Company, said: “It was our aspiration to scale up the business and increase our brewing capacity. Although our manual bottling method could process up to 1,500 bottles per day, this wasn’t fast enough and we realised we needed to improve this”.

“It was at this point that we approached the Worcestershire Business Loan Fund through BCRS Business Loans. They were able to provide us with a business loan to secure our cashflow situation while we outsourced our bottling process to a contractor. As a result, we now have the capacity to produce up to 4,500 bottles per day,” noted Gerald.

The Worcestershire Business Loan Fund supports the growth of viable businesses across Worcestershire, offering loans from £10,000 up to £50,000 over a 3-year term. This funding initiative is run in conjunction with Worcestershire County Council and is delivered by BCRS Business Loans.

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