How to keep your team motivated on a Friday.

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How to keep your team motivated on a Friday.


Tomorrow is Friday. So, you can all breathe a sigh of relief as the weekend is approaching! How about letting BCRS help you get through the Thursday 3pm slump by reading this blog?!?

Sound good? Let’s go…

We all get that ‘Friday feeling’. It’s inevitable! It is the end of the working week for most and the start to a relaxing/fun packed weekend. But how can you keep your team motivated until the end of the day?

Here are some ways to make Friday’s just that little bit better. I am going to share with you what we do here at BCRS HQ to stay motivated on a Friday, or any other day for that matter.

Here are some do’s and don’ts we’ve learnt along the way.


• The first tip is to consider doing the hardest task on your to do list first and leave less-demanding tasks for the afternoon ready for the wind down to the weekend.

• Take a walk at lunch time to spend time away from the screen and refresh yourself ready for the afternoon.

• Plan your schedule for the next working week so you’re ready to go full steam ahead on Monday morning.

• Listen to music to avoid distractions and fully focus on the task at hand (never disturb someone with earphones in unless its urgent). Of course, you can also sing, hum and whistle your way through the day for everyone to hear. We’ve got some cracking singers here at BCRS – HONEST!

• Don’t know what you fancy for lunch? Avoid takeaways if you want to avoid the 3pm slump. This is a recent mistake we have made! We are surrounded by various fast-food outlets so it’s very hard to resist the temptation, especially on a Friday!

What do you do to keep motivated through the working day? Share your thoughts with us on social media.

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